Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Raven,s White Feather

See the Raven, soaring above the fields, wheeling,and turning , with the wind. The sun turns
his black wings,to flashes of ebony. I Raven Blackfeather, also danced,as in the wind, before the flames of love. I feel the heat, and see the light, as I sway to and fro. Raven' White Feather calls, to me, shining as the Sun, hear the rythum of our hearts, as we dance, to the Creators drum.
With each new day, our love grows strong, placed in the hands of Father Sky and Mother Earth.
Taking now our chosen path,we walk unafraid, our minds clear , our resolve as strong, as our Mother the oak, with purpose.

My Brothers and sisters, each of us must chose the path of our life, I chose the Red Road.
Often , my feet stray, but the Medicne Wheel is my direction, and soon I am on the road

Raven Blackfeather

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