Saturday, December 5, 2009

Still Time

Not long ago a friend, at a gathering,of American Indians,said that he believed , the heritage
and legacy was lost to the children,of our people. To him I say ,there is still time.

Dedicated to White Feather my Soulmate

Still Time

Each day is a new beginning, if we will only try.
the road of life is long and hard, and we know the reasons why.

The world is not what it used to be. many years ago, the lack of
love of natures things, and the rivers slow their flow.

We do not dance as we once did, or sing our songs of life,
We do not share the things we did , with our children or our wives.

We have buried our traditions, and wear them inside out.
no longer is their pride within, no longer do we shout.

Are we the apple Indians the people say we are ? have we gone
beyond, all hope, is it close, or much too far.

I say no ,their is still time, to make our fathers proud.
To sing and dance, and touch the sky, and shout our joy out loud

Raven Black feather 2009

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